IFA 2014 - experience Yamaha, live in Berlin or online!

At the Berlin IFA 2014, Yamaha presents new products for hi-fi and home cinema within an area of more than 500 square meters. For the first time, from September 5 to 10, visitors can experience Yamaha’s new TV Soundstage SRT-1000 at booth 101 in hall 1.2. In addition, the Japanese company presents the YSP-2500 as the culmination of a 10-year development in the field of Sound Projector technology.

Hi-fi enthusiasts can look forward to the musical ensemble of the A-S2100 integrated amplifier and the CD-S2100 CD player. The new AVENTAGE series AV receivers will be introduced for high-end home cinema enjoyment, bringing the revolutionary Dolby Atmos technology into private homes for the first time.

Yamaha also offers an easy way to enjoy unlimited music by supporting all renowned streaming services. People who cannot make it to Berlin themselves may turn to Yamaha’s IFA website to discover extensive information and impressions of the convention.

The contents of this press release:
- Yamaha at IFA 2014: New products within an area of more than 500 square meters
- World premiere of the TV Soundstage SRT-1000 with authentic 5.1 surround
- Yamaha YSP-2500: The culmination of 10 years of Digital Sound Projectors
- Music without compromise: The hi-fi duet A-S2100 and CD-S2100
- New AVENTAGE AV receivers deliver high-end home cinema
- Extensive streaming capabilities including AirPlay, Spotify, JUKE and others
- Experience Yamaha at IFA 2014 – live in Berlin or online

Rellingen, August 22nd 2014 – From September 5 to 10, Yamaha will present exciting new products for better sounding TV, home cinema and hi-fi at booth 101 in hall 1.2 of the Berlin IFA. Within an area of more than 500 square meters, visitors can experience Digital Sound Projectors, AV receivers and hi-fi systems as well as the world premiere of Yamaha’s first TV soundstage. The new products are presented impressively in two demonstration rooms. The AVENTAGE counter provides a unique insight into the technology of exclusive AV receivers. Yamaha’s experts are available for in-depth discussions. The new hi-fi ensemble of the S2100 series is presented in the high-end area of the booth.

Here are the topics of Yamaha’s IFA appearance:

World premiere of the TV Soundstage SRT-1000 with authentic 5.1 surround
With the SRT-1000, Yamaha celebrates the premiere of the TV Soundstage exclusively at IFA 2014. This soundbase combines the powerful, realistic surround sound of the Digital Sound Projector technology with a flat, discreet chassis that can be positioned below the TV-set. Eight array speakers plus subwoofers on both sides of the chassis produce authentic 5.1-channel surround sound. Yamaha’s soundbase with its width of 78 cm and depth of 38 cm is perfectly suited for being placed under flat screen TVs up to 55 inches. Only 7.7 cm high, it also fits comfortably into any shelf.

A combination of classic hairline finish and glossy black parts gives the SRT-1000 an air of sophistication. Easy one-cable connection and convenient operation either with intuitive remote-control or via free app deliver stunning sound for TV and movies into the living room in no time.

Yamaha YSP-2500: The culmination of 10 years of Digital Sound Projectors
Ten years ago, Yamaha presented its first Sound Projector YSP-1 und created a new class of audio products. Since then, directed beams from a single speaker unit have offered real surround sound even in rooms that make the use of rear speakers impossible. No matter if 8 or 40 array speakers are used or if built-in or wireless subwoofers provide the bass: Yamaha offers the ideal solution for everyone and continues to develop this technology for an even more impressive listening experience.

At the Berlin IFA 2014, Yamaha presents the YSP-2500, an anniversary-model meeting even the highest demands. 16 array speakers provide authentic 7-channel surround sound, with a wireless subwoofer delivering powerful bass. Alternatively, the directed array speakers can be used to project music over a wide area or to direct the sound only to one position without disturbing neighbours or family. CINEMA DSP further enhances the sound of music, movies or video games through 10 different programmes. In addition, Yamaha has equipped the YSP-2500 with innovative technologies such as UniVolume for a consistent volume level from all sources and the best listening experience.

Music without compromise: The hi-fi duet A-S2100 and CD-S2100
With the A-S2100 Integrated Amplifier and the CD-S2100 CD-Player, Yamaha presents a new hi-fi ensemble at IFA 2014. Following the tradition of the successful S3000 series, the development of the S2100 series focused on the relentless pursuit of musicality. The A-S2100 Integrated Amplifier features Yamaha’s own unique Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier and utilises MOSFETs as well as a fully discrete amp construction. The result is a warm, natural sound that is highly dynamic and filled with detail. The chassis radiates an aura of elegance and passion – from the classic aluminium front to beautiful level meters that let you visually enjoy your music.

The CD-S2100 has been developed as the A-S2100’s perfect counterpart. The highly precise player for CDs and SA-CDs features superior D/A conversion and balanced signal output as well as a built-in USB DAC function in order to ensure the optimal reproduction of high-resolution digital audio from Mac and PC. The new design also offers left-right symmetrical construction and an independent configuration of the digital and analogue circuits. With its beautiful, sleek appearance and half-mirror display, the CD-S2100 is - visually, too - the perfect fit for the A-S2100.

New AVENTAGE AV receivers deliver high-end home cinema
With the new AVENTAGE series, Yamaha presents AV receivers for superb home cinema enjoyment at its IFA booth. RX-A740 and RX-A840 offer powerful 7.2 surround sound, extensive network connectivity and the newest generation of HDMI with 4K/Ultra HD in 50/60p – the perfect way to get started with high-end home entertainment. Yamaha has also equipped them with numerous innovative technologies such as the unique CINEMA DSP 3D, YPAO R.S.C. sound optimisation, Extra Bass and Virtual CINEMA FRONT.

The models RX-A1040, RX-A2040 and RX-A3040 also feature a symmetrical Power Amp Design and high-grade components including ESS DACs to meet even the highest standards of audiophile music enthusiasts. RX-A2040 and RX-A3040 even support the revolutionary surround sound technology Dolby Atmos, which has been installed in selected commercial cinemas since 2012. Now Yamaha brings the impressive audio experience into the home cinema for the first time, offering unrestricted three-dimensional placement of dynamic sound sources in the room independent of the listener’s position. This creates vivid soundscapes for an unrivalled home cinema experience.

Extensive streaming capabilities including AirPlay, Spotify, JUKE and others
Unlimited musical enjoyment at home: Yamaha’s AV receivers support all popular streaming options. In addition to individual wireless streaming of music with Apple AirPlay, Yamaha MusicPlay and via the home network, most subscription-based services are available: In addition to Napster and Spotify, Yamaha recently added compatibility with the streaming service JUKE. Independent of the user’s personal preference, this makes millions of songs available in the living room – in a perfectly simple and convenient way. Visitors of Yamaha’s booth at IFA 2014 can experience for themselves how easy it is to enjoy unlimited music at home.

Experience YAMAHA at IFA 2014 – live in Berlin or online
For those who cannot make it to IFA this year, Yamaha has created an IFA Special Page (http://europe.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/ifa/) online. Alongside presentations of all the new products, visitors will find videos, interviews and interactive panoramas of our booth on this special website. Fans of social networks can use our Yamaha@IFA profile page on Facebook to discover more information, backstage impressions, pictures and much more at http://www.facebook.com/yamaha.ifa.

The new products referred to in this press release are part of Yamaha’s presentation at the Berlin IFA 2014 from September 5 to 10. Additional new products will be launched exclusively at the trade fair. Prices and availability will be announced later.

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Profile
Yamaha is the world’s biggest producer of musical instruments and one of the leading producers of audio equipment for home entertainment and professional use. The company was founded more than 125 years ago in Japan. The European branch of Yamaha, which is registered as Yamaha Music Europe GmbH since 2009, exists since 1966. It is the key organisation for European distribution of all the company’s products, ranging from musical instruments to pro audio equipment to home entertainment devices.