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RIVAGE PM Firmware V4.71, RIVAGE PM Editor V4.7.1 Released.

Fixed the problem in which audio input to MY-SLOT 1 of CS-R5 and CS-R3 was 1.3dB higher in level than MY-SLOT 2.

RIVAGE PM7 Brings The Music Back At Italian Festival

The end of July 2020 was significant for Italian festival organisers, as they were able to organise some events after the country’s initial Covid-19 lockdown. One of the first was the 10th anniversary Reload Sound Festival, in Biella, northern Italy, where obligatory self-certification and wearing of masks helped to bring some welcome musical sunshine to the Italian summer.

VXL1-16P Firmware V1.1.0 Released.

New features : Now supports the RM series devices from Yamaha's ADECIA solution and supports detection/automatic patches operations from RM-CR, by using RM-CR's Web UI.

Yamaha uvádí kompaktní aktivní referenční odposlechové monitory MSP3A, které věrně reprodukují zvuk

Společnost Yamaha Corporation oznamuje nový přírůstek do své řady profesionálního audia: MSP3A aktivní odposlechové reproduktory.

Byl vydán MTX-MRX Editor V4.0.1 pro Win10 a firmware V4.00.

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