Yamaha Drums presents: Larnell Lewis of Snarky Puppy

With his drumming for the Grammy Award winning band Snarky Puppy, Larnell Lewis has quickly risen from Canada´s most promising Drummer to being an established Artist within the worldwide Drum Scene.
Larnell´s musicality & unique groove have impressed young uprising drummers as well as established drummers from around the world alike. Despite his constant touring, Larnell continues to create music with his drums via his unique sounds, grooves & technique.
We took the chance to meet up with Larnell before his sold-out Snarky Puppy show in Berlin/Germany to capture some of his skills on video and get Larnell´s feedback on the new Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple kit.
“I still love my old Maples, but it´s an improvement!” states Larnell after having played the new line of high-end maple drums on tour and in the studio, on the more focussed sound of the shells, created by new features like the new YESSIII tom mount, the Hybrid shells, with a layer of hard wood centred in the Maple Shell. Lewis adds: “I appreciate it when companies are always making new developments, but still not sacrificing what it is they have in their hands” referring to Yamaha´s recent investment to build up a new modern Drum Manufacturing Facility in Xiao Shan, China where it is possible to adapt these new innovations to the new high-end maple shells by the Yamaha Drum Craftsmen- and women, working with more modern and environment friendly conditions than ever before.
For Larnell Lewis & Yamaha Drums alike, the journey to improve & create continues. We are looking forward to hearing more great music from Larnell Lewis in the future.

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In this video -as well as the Snarky Puppy EU tour 2014- Larnell plays Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple in “Gold Champagne Sparkle” Finish (22” x 18” Kick, 10” x 7” & 12” x 8” Tom Toms, 14” x 13” & 16” x 15” Floor Toms, 14” x 6” Snare + CS865 Boom Stands, SS950 Snare Stand, HS1200 HiHat and Yamaha FP9500C Foot Pedal).

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