Yamaha presents entry-level hi-res hifi network player NP-S303 with MusicCast

Rellingen, 19th July 2017

Yamaha presents the NP-S303, an entry-level hi-res hifi network player. Designed to match the look of classic Yamaha hifi components, the device features an audiophile circuitry for excellent playback quality. The multiroom system MusicCast distributes sources like streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, JUKE) or audio files from the DLNA home network to every room. The NP-S303 is compatible with DSD 5.6 MHz, AIFF, WAV, FLAC and Apple Lossless file formats. Via Apple AirPlay the network streamer can be integrated into the iTunes world. The built-in WiFi module and a network port ensure easy access to your local network.

High-end sound in the entry-level segment

The circuitry of the NP-S303 is optimised for maximum sound quality. The audio signal path is as short as possible to ensure clear transmission free of interference. In addition, the analogue and digital parts of the circuit are separated to further eliminate interference. This circuit design and the use of the same top-notch components that bestow their outstanding qualities upon high-end models from Yamaha guarantee a superb musical experience without compromise.

Support for high-resolution audio formats

You cannot have sound without a source, and you cannot have high-end sound without a high-end source. The NP-S303 supports high-resolution audio formats to take full advantage of the quality of its circuits and components. The range of supported audio file formats spans DSD up to 5.6 MHz, AIFF, WAV or FLAC files with up to 192 kHz and 24 bits and Apple Lossless with up to 96 kHz and 24 bits. Burr-Brown converters transport these digital data into the analogue domain with maximum precision, maintaining the intricate subtleties and the wealth of musical expression.

The network as a source

The NP-S303 can be integrated into local networks through wired or wireless connections. Once connected, music files from other linked devices become available, from the music collection on the computer to NAS music servers. Compatible iOS and macOS devices connect to the NP-S303 via AirPlay, other smartphones and tablets may just use Bluetooth for wireless transmission.

Compatible with popular streaming services

Streaming music from one of the popular online streaming services is no problem for the NP-S303. Services like Spotify, Napster, Qobuz or Juke make thousands of songs from various styles and genres available directly over the internet. Recently, Tidal and Deezer have been added to the list. The services Qobuz and Tidal also offer the possibility to stream music in hifi quality – now the internet becomes a source of audiophile enjoyment.

MusicCast integration for music in the whole house

The music streamer NP-S303 is equipped with multiroom system MusicCast, which combines all network enabled audio components by Yamaha into one big system. This enables the NP-S303 to pass on its signals to all other MusicCast devices in the network to play music not just in one, but in all rooms as desired. That way the music streamer connects the music library from the local network, the diverse possibilities of online streaming services and Bluetooth devices to all soundbars, receivers and loudspeakers in the MusicCast environment. Having your music readily and conveniently available on every system – that is MusicCast with the NP-S303.

Comfortable control via MusicCast app

The free Yamaha app MusicCast CONTROLLER provides convenient access to the music network through smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android. From the choice of a source to linking devices the app offers easy setup. Even controlling the NP-S303 from the app is possible. As an alternative means to control the MusicCast network, a special remote control is included with the NP-S303.

Stylish and convenient

With its simple, yet elegant silver or black design, the NP-S303 integrates seamlessly into any home hifi setup. For greater comfort, the streamer does not only include a built-in WiFi adapter and hassle-free compatibility with MusicCast and MusicCast CONTROLLER, but also features 10 preset buttons on the remote. These buttons enable quick access to the most important internet radio stations or music from the network.

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