RIVAGE PM7 Helps Support Wroclaw Culture

The 3-Majówka Festival usually takes place in early May, on several major stages in and around the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw, Poland. Although this year’s event had to be cancelled, in mid-September a condensed version with a single outdoor stage was held as rules were initially relaxed a little, renamed Last Minute Summer Festival - WrocLove 2020. Production company PogoArt deployed Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 and CL series mixers, together with a NEXO STM PA system.

Organised by the cultural initiative association Our City of Wroclaw, and supported by the city authorities, the event’s mission was ‘combining safety and fun’. The three-day festival took place in the large open Pergola space between the Centennial Hall and the Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain, allowing plenty of room for people to either stand by the stage or find a space further away in the grounds, but still near enough to enjoy the performances.

The most important part of organising the revised event was ensuring the safety of audience, artists and crew. For this reason the audience was limited to 5,000 per day, spectator zones were marked out and every attendee had to sign a health declaration. In addition, audience members had to wear masks, available at the entry points, there were many stands with sanitiser and safety announcements were regularly broadcast in several languages.

To help protect artists and crew, only those based within Poland were invited to perform, there was increased space for distancing in the backstage areas, all staff wore masks, many sanitiser points were available and, on stage, the microphones were disinfected after every rehearsal and performance.

“Some engineers brought their own consoles, but we found that those who mixed on the Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 system praised it for its great sound and ease of use,” says PogoArt owner Slawek Pogorzala. “The preamps in the RPIO I/O racks also received a very positive reaction, while it was noted that anyone familiar with Yamaha CL or QL series mixers could easily switch to the more powerful RIVAGE PM platform, thanks to the similarity of the user interface and workflow.”

He continues, “In the current situation, every live concert has been important for the survival of the entire event industry. All the artists, technicians, organizers and the audience at the event were very pleased that this festival could take place.”

Front of House engineer Robert Nastal with the RIVAGE PM7 system

Wroclaw, Poland


Abychom plně podpořili zvukové techniky, kteří pak podporují umělce a interprety, tak Yamaha nedělá v oblasti kvality žádné kompromisy. Zvuk, ovladatelnost a trvanlivost - vše musí být prvotřídní a musí být implementováno způsobem, který umožňuje technikům plně se soustředit na pomoc a podporu umělců a interpretů sdělovat jejich poselství. Produkty řady RIVAGE PM ztělesňují tento ideál na nejvyšší úrovni a propojuje technologie, umění a publikum na vlnách obklopujících celý svět.

CL série

Série digitálních mixážních konzolí Yamaha CL reprezentuje novou úroveň vytříbenosti. Nabízejí vyvíjející se zkušenosti v přístupu k mixáži, plus zvukovou čistotu s možnostmi, které i těm nejnápaditějším zvukařům dávají tvůrčí svobodu. CL série je ztělesněním hlavních standardů ve světě živého zvučení ve svých nejrozvinutějších, nejmodernějších a nejvyspělejších formách.