Yamaha Collaboration Presents Unique Hybrid Education Solutions

Yamaha's Reece Stead and Scott Coltham present ADECIA at Cambridge Judge Business School

With audio visual and other key technologies fundamentally important throughout the education sector, Yamaha has worked with four other manufacturers to showcase unique hybrid education solutions at Cambridge Judge Business School, part of the University of Cambridge.

The one-day AVExpo was arranged by Yamaha Music Europe application specialist Scott Coltham, assisted by senior pro AV engineer Mark Collins, in collaboration with David Amann, AV & multimedia specialist at Cambridge Judge.

Yamaha was joined by manufacturers AVer, Kramer, Speech-i and Viewsonic to present highly scalable, flexible systems which are ideal for modern educational workflows.

Yamaha showcased its ADECIA remote conferencing audio solution, together with its range of network switches to handle AV over IP and control traffic. They were complemented by cameras and auto-tracking software presented by AVer, Kramer’s showcase of equipment for video, control and wireless content sharing, the Cabolo real-time transcription and translation solution demonstrated by Speech-i and Viewsonic’s interactive display technologies.

“The demonstrations highlighted how these technologies work seamlessly together to create a broad range of solutions to fit into a modern workflow, with the focus on both quality and ease of use. They allow presenters to focus on presenting, fully confident that students are getting the best experience,” says Mark.

“Importantly, with events like these, the customer can communicate with the five companies at once, simplifying the decision process for high end AV and presentation systems.”

“It was my pleasure to host this event and see the manufacturers working together to form a fully integrated solution, which featured a wide range of technologies. Events such as this are hugely valuable to the tech community here at Cambridge, as well as our teaching faculty and professional support staff,” says David.

The event was well-attended by educators as well as, IT and AV technical staff, who all responded very positively to what was on offer.

“Many thanks to David and his team for being such great hosts. It was a very successful day and we look forward to future collaborations with educators, demonstrating how hybrid education can be improved with the addition of just a few key components,” says Scott.

Yamaha's Reece Stead and Scott Coltham present ADECIA at Cambridge Judge Business School

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Stropní mikrofon vybavený unikátní technologií zpracování audio signálu, která umožňuje vysoce kvalitní komunikaci

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Flexibilní bezdrátový mikrofonní systém s využitím podle místnosti a stylu schůzí a jednání


Stolní mikrofon nabízející příjemné zvukové prostředí bez nutnosti jakéhokoli nastavování

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Signálový procesor v srdci ADECIA


Inteligentní L2 switch s funkcí Dante optimalizace a PoE napájením.

VXL1B-16P / VXL1W-16P

Reproduktor s Dante s PoE napájením osazený 16 x 1,5“ měniči