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RIVAGE PM7 Brings Peace Of Mind To Theater Freiburg

Founded in 1866, Theater Freiburg is the oldest and biggest theatre in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, south-west Germany. Moving to its present venue in 1910, like many theatres it has seen an almost continuous series of changes and renovations, some more successful than others. Most recently, the installation of two Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing systems have brought much-needed peace of mind to head of sound Jonas Gottschall and his technical team.


Now you can download the latest edition of the Music Production Guide.

Remote conferencing systems are essential for the new normal conference rooms

Audio Video Communications Ltd has set up their booth featuring “ADECIA”, at Digital Signage Japan 2021.

ADECIA / RM-CG Firmware V1.1.0 Released.

New firmware V1.1.0 supports the RM-TT boundary microphone and provides new functionality.

Yamaha Speakers Deliver Magical Sound At The Alta Lumina Night Walk

Since 2001, Montreal-based Moment Factory has created more than 450 unique projects around the world which are designed to bring people together. In 2020/21 it has produced the Alta Lumina Night Walk in its first collaboration with French ski resort Les Gets. Installed to increase what is on offer to visitors throughout the four seasons, a Yamaha audio system helps to create an engaging, interactive experience.

Yamaha introduces enterprise soundbar "ESB-1090" with Education Mode - optimized audio playback for education, conferences and more

Yamaha's new ESB-1090 enterprise soundbar combines clear sound quality and elegant design with a handy innovation: The education mode

Aktualizace kompatibility s HDMI 2.1 na vybraných přijímačích AV z roku 2020 pro určitá herní zařízení a videozařízení (květen 2021)

Od chvíle, kdy jsme v roce 2020 uvedli na trh několik přijímačů AV, opakujeme, že v těchto modelech začneme prostřednictvím budoucích aktualizací podporovat kompatibilitu s HDMI 2.1 – včetně průchodu signálu v rozlišení 4K/120 Hz. Uživatelé, kteří si přejí k výše zmíněným přijímačům AV připojit konzoli Xbox Series X nebo grafickou kartu NVIDIA RTX30 s rozlišením 4K a obnovovací frekvencí 120 Hz, budou muset na přijímači AV provést aktualizaci hardwaru.

CS-700 Firmware Version Released.

New firmware Version added new features of USB Audio device and provisioning server, and provides some further improvements.

The Audio Impact at the University of Virginia

Now that the staff and researchers have the best quality audio with a best-in-class user experience, they're able to use the system to conduct meaningful and impactful discussions.

Yamaha Is A Sound Investment For Swedish Handball Arena

When handball club IK Lågan was promoted to the Swedish Handball League’s Division 2 in 2019, the club’s home arena - in the town of Hörby in Skåne county, south Sweden - needed to be updated to comply with the division’s rules. As parts of it were 50 years old, the municipality of Hörby decided to build a new venue with facilities for the whole community, including a flexible Yamaha audio system.