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Advanced Medical Simulation Made Possible by Yamaha’s RM-CG Ceiling Microphone

As one would imagine, crystal-clear audio is paramount to performing the medical simulations accurately.

CL/QL Firmware Version 5.80 Released

This update adds support for control of AFC Image and the latest Shure product variants and new RF Bands in the QLX-D, ULX-D and Axient Digital product lines. Please read full details on the download page.

Digital Transformation at Avatel’s new head office in Madrid

Yamaha ADECIA ceiling solution provides a unique experience and unparalleled audio for fluid communication between the participants present in the room and remotely.

The Real Projects with Live Discussions in hybrid classes

See how the quality of the sound dramatically changes the atmosphere of lessons, gives sense of presence, and grows students' interests.

Yamaha představuje online premiéru International Highlight Concert 2022

Společnost Yamaha oznamuje, že bude pořádat online premiéru Yamaha International Highlight Concert 2022, online koncertní vystoupení studentů Hudebních škol Yamaha (Yamaha Music School) z více než 40 zemí a oblastí z celého světa. Streamování začne ve 20 hodin (japonského standardního času) 11. prosince na oficiálním YouTube kanále společnosti Yamaha Corporation.

ADECIA brings superior, one-touch meeting sound to The Openwork Partnership

Yamaha provides the technology for the‘next generation office’; great quality and highly usable for external communication, which is as reliable and stress-free for the customer as possible.

Music Production Guide 2022 | 07

Nyní si můžete stáhnout nejnovější vydání publikace Music Production Guide.

The Real Sense of Presence that is no different from a face-to-face meeting

Audio that gives a strong sense of presence and eliminates the feeling of being distant was at the core of NTT DoCoMo's selecting ADECIA.

Vydán firmware V1.20-3 pro Nuage I/O

Tento firmware je aktualizací pro účely údržby.

Vydán firmware V1.10-2 pro MMP1

Tento firmware je aktualizací pro účely údržby.