Cvičení dělá mistry... A je to snadné a zábavné

Perfection makes practice... easy

Practicing never felt so good

Becoming a good drummer takes endless hours of dedicated practice. With this in mind, we at Yamaha designed DTXdrums to make practicing more fun, focusing on giving the DTX-PAD a feel that would let drummers simply enjoy playing. The head of the DTX-PAD is filled with air bubbles of a size and density that have been carefully arrayed to provide a feel that actually entices drummers to play. These bubbles also act as a cushion when the drum is hit, so that you can play for extended periods without worrying about harming your arms or wrists. Put simply, the DTX-PAD lets you practice and play more, reaping the benefits of a drum that really feels great.

Any place, any time

For many drummers, finding time and a place to play is difficult. With this in mind, the DTX-PAD has been designed to be much quieter than other electronic drum pads when played, giving you the freedom to play wherever and whenever you like.

Air Drumming. For real.

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Many drummers worry that playing on electronic drums can make the transition back to an acoustic kit difficult. To ensure that this is not a problem the DTX-PAD offers playability startlingly close to that of acoustic drum. The air bubbles in the drum head give the pad itself superb feel and allow great stick control; when played in a kit this provides a uniform, connected feel throughout that translates easily into better drumming.

Don’t just take our word for it

Of course we like the DTX-PAD — we made it! But we're not the only ones raving about this terrific pad - we asked some of the best drummers in the world to give it a try. Read their comments to see what they thought.

Akira Jimbo

"Groundbreaking product!"
"There’s none of the stress you sometimes get when switching from an acoustic drum to an electronic one – this is truly a groundbreaking product for drummers!"

Tony Verderosa

"Very Interesting."
"Very interesting! When I play the DTXdrums, they deliver a similar experience that I would have on an acoustic drum kit. The more I lay into the head – the more it can take, which is really unusual for electronic drums."

Teddy Campbell

"That’s crazy!"
"The DTX has revolutionized electronic drums. Its real feel and in your face sound quality is the best I've ever experienced."

Gorden Campbell

"DTX-Pads make me want to play!"
"DTX-PADs make me want to play! I love the DTX-PADs. For me as a drummer - I want the pads to feel like real drums. These have a natural feel and are comfortable to play. They make me want to keep playing!"

Chris Hesse (Hoobastank)

"I like these pads!"
"I can play these pads just as hard as I would on my acoustic kit and not feel any difference!"

Chad Wright

"I have played every single electronic drum kit made and this is absolutely the best! These just feel natural!"

Chaun Horton

"This drum set is ridiculous! I can call it "drum set" because it feels exactly like a real drum set. I would definitely use this on a gig."

Chris Bailey

"They feel great!"
"The biggest surprise for me is the response from the head because the older pads were really hard to play. These feel really good and what I’ve been looking for."

Felix Pollard

"The sounds are really great. The DTX-PADs feel really good too. One of the things that I noticed is the stick response on the pads is really good."

Jimmy Branly

"Great improvement!"
"It’s amazing! It feels like.... Wow! When I close my eyes it feels real. This is a great, great, great improvement."

Ralph Humphrey

"Feel Good!"
"The pads have great sensitivity and feel good to play. Plus, they are much quieter than the normal gum rubber pads."

  • Akira Jimbo

  • Tony Verderosa

  • Teddy Campbell

  • Gorden Campbell

  • Chris Hesse (Hoobastank)

  • Chad Wright

  • Chaun Horton

  • Chris Bailey

  • Felix Pollard

  • Jimmy Branly

  • Ralph Humphrey