Snare bubny

Wood Snare Drums

Live Custom Hybrid Oak

Naturally Massive

Recording Custom Wood Snare Drums

Borrowing from over 50 years of drum craftsmanship the Recording Custom snare drum delivers a wide tuning range and moderate attack sound which drummers feel immediately. Tuning up in seconds and delivering the dynamic response expected by the world’s greatest studio drummers.

Tour Custom Snare Drums

The versatility, projection and dynamic range is what professional drummers around the world have come to expect from Yamaha Drums with no compromise on the finish quality.

Stage Custom Snare

Tento snare bubínek se plně hodí k sadám této série, jak svým zvukem, tak i stejnými použitými materiály a barvami použitými jako u tom-tomů této série

Metal Snare Drums

Recording Custom Aluminum Snare Drums

Recording Custom Snare Aluminum Models.2 size variations.

Recording Custom Brass Snare Drums

Recording Custom Snare Brass Models.3 size variations.

Snare bicí Recorging Custom Stainless Steel

Modely snare bubnů Recorging Custom Stainless Steel. 2 verze rozměrů.

Stage Custom Steel Snare Drums

Stage Custom Snare Steel Models. 2 size variations.