Novinky a události

Vydání DMW7 firmwaru verze 1.01 a webové stránky

Tato aktulizace obsahuje drobné revize. Pro kompletní podrobnosti nahlédněte prosím na stránku s obsahem ke stažení (Download). * Firmware DME7 je obsažen v ProVisionaire Design, takže pro aktualizaci DME7 prosím použijte ProVisionaire Design.

Yamaha Announces Partnership with Yealink for Best-in-Class Video and Audio Collaboration

Excited to announce a technology partnership with Yealink to create best-in-class video and audio collaboration for modern meeting spaces, delivering intelligent and effortless hybrid meeting experience.

Yamaha Wins Two ISE Best Of Show Awards

Yamaha is pleased to have won Best of Show awards for its new DME7 digital signal processor/ProVisionaire Design software and CS-800/CS-500 video collaboration systems at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023.

Yamaha and ScreenBeam Partner to Deliver Seamless Wireless Audio Conferencing Experiences

Yamaha today announced a partnership with ScreenBeam Inc., a world leader in wireless display and conferencing solutions. By combining Yamaha’s ADECIA Microphone and Speaker Solution with ScreenBeam’s 1100 Plus, the two organisations have delivered a turnkey wireless collaboration solution to facilitate user choice and flexibility.

Yamaha Connects Your Worlds With Major New Installation Products at ISE 2023

Yamaha will be showcasing significant new products at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023, which highlight the company’s move towards a single, connected solution. Delivering efficiency, scalability, speed and control, Yamaha’s new products aim to significantly improve the workflow for systems integrators.

Vydán firmware V2.0.0 pro ADECIA.

Ceiling Solution a Tabletop Solution ADECIA jsou nyní dostupné s novou verzí firmwaru V2.0.0. Tento firmware obsahuje přednastavenou funkci Store/Recall pro RM-CR, přizpůsobenou funkci sledování paprsků pro RM-CG, výstupní router pro RM-TCG a výstupní signál RM-TT Dante a režim nízké latence pro RM-WOM/WDR mikrofony. Firmware navíc nyní podporuje až 14 mikrofonů RM-CG připojených k jednomu RM-CR.

Advanced Medical Simulation Made Possible by Yamaha’s RM-CG Ceiling Microphone

As one would imagine, crystal-clear audio is paramount to performing the medical simulations accurately.

Digital Transformation at Avatel’s new head office in Madrid

Yamaha ADECIA ceiling solution provides a unique experience and unparalleled audio for fluid communication between the participants present in the room and remotely.

The Real Projects with Live Discussions in hybrid classes

See how the quality of the sound dramatically changes the atmosphere of lessons, gives sense of presence, and grows students' interests.

ADECIA brings superior, one-touch meeting sound to The Openwork Partnership

Yamaha provides the technology for the‘next generation office’; great quality and highly usable for external communication, which is as reliable and stress-free for the customer as possible.