CP88/73 série


Po vybalení z krabice jsou modely CP73 a CP88 vybaveny ultra realistickým zvukovým obsahem čítající piana a další klávesové zvuky. Takže je zde vše, co potřebuje hráč na klávesy i náročný pianista. Pokud vezmeme v úvahu potřeby moderního muzikanta, tak CP73 a CP88 jsou první modely řady CP, pro které Yamaha nabízí přímo další aktualizace. Jde o vysoce kvalitní zvukový obsah přímo od Yamahy, který bude obsahovat nové klavíry, klávesové zvuky a další.

CP88/73 OS v1.6


Yamaha CP OS v1.6 adds a new sound-related function that has been included in SETTINGS, with the following additional parameters: “Mono/Poly”, “Portamento”, and “Pan”.

These features let you personalize the touch of your CP keyboard to control your music, your way.


CP OS v1.6 adds three new functions: “Mono/Poly”, “Portamento”, and “Pan”.

“Mono/Poly” and “Portamento” enhancements improve the ability to control the behavior of Synth Lead sounds, while "Pan" allows you to adjust the stereo position of the sounds. You can download sample sounds via File downloads or Soundmondo.

CP88/73 OS v1.5


Yamaha CP OS v1.5 adds a meticulously sampled felt piano, an authentic Hamburg piano and a variety of new Sub Section synth and instrument sounds to your sonic arsenal. All with an innovative feature that lets you personalize the touch of your CP keyboard to control your music, your way.


CP OS v1.5 adds two new acoustic pianos and a number of killer Sub Section sounds to your sonic arsenal.

[Felt Piano] This is felt piano done the Yamaha way. In a collaboration with Steinberg, we recorded our felt piano in the Yamaha speaker test lab using a proprietary sampling robot to create ultra-precise note velocities and intimate layers.

[Hamburg Piano] The full, rich tones of an authentic Hamburg concert grand piano, recorded in a concert hall by one of the world’s foremost classical music engineers to capture every nuance.

[New Sub Section Sounds] You’ll get new pads, new synth brass, new synth leads and a new synth bass. Because there’s no such thing as too much synth.

[Instruments] CP OS v1.5 gives you more instruments at your fingertips with new solo and ensemble saxes, new guitars, musette, solo strings and horn.


CP OS v.1.5 lets you personalize the touch of your keyboard so you can feel your music, your way.

[Touch Sensitivity] CP OS v1.5 puts you in control of how your keyboard interacts with the tone generator. Set the depth and offset per section, easily make detailed adjustments and save your favorites in a LIVE SET.

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