CF série

Designed with the concept of “Beauty and Power”

Handcrafted from the same materials by the same elite artisans, all three models of the CF Series share a beautiful expressiveness and deep tonal presence. The flagship model is the CFX; a full sized 9-foot (275cm) concert grand piano suitable for the largest of concert halls. Retaining the same outstanding characteristics as the CFX, the 7-foot (212cm) CF6 is a perfect choice for recital halls, while the 6-foot 3-inch (191cm) CF4 is excellent for performing at smaller venues and teaching studios.


The concept behind the series is “Beauty and Power.” Beauty for its wide range of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle musical voices. In the hands of a good pianist, the CF Series pianos can “sing” with an expressiveness rarely heard. Power describes the incredible tonal presence. Not only when played fortissimo, but even soft delicate passages carry throughout the hall. The bass is amazing, and all registers can project over a full symphony orchestra regardless of a venue’s size.

Piano Casing

Ribs and Soundboard

Metal Frame


Piano Wire



Pedal Lyre

Lid Finish



Ten pravý model pro středně velké koncertní sály. DNA koncertního křídla, zvuk a rezonance, díky kterým každé vystoupení předčí velikostí jakoukoli scénu.


Hutný zvuk pro menší koncertní sály. Neexistují malé výkony, pouze malé scény. Koncertní křídlo se zvukem, který přesahuje jeho velikost.

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Yamaha has launched the new CFX in March, 2022.

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