ProVisionaire Cloud

Flexibly activate and manage your expanded function licenses.

ProVisionaire Cloud is a cloud service that allows management of Yamaha pro and commercial audio device licenses. ProVisionaire Cloud services are available to corporations and independent operators who have created a Yamaha Music ID for Business account. Expanded function licenses for devices can be activated by registering the license on ProVisionaire Cloud and using the dedicated ProVisionaire Portal license activation application. Licenses can be freely activated and deactivated according to the user’s needs.

*ProVisionaire Cloud is being introduced in stages. Please contact your local Yamaha subsidiary to confirm if it is available in your region.

Yamaha ProVisionaire Cloud: Flexibly activate and manage your expanded function licenses

License Registration and Management

Yamaha ProVisionaire Cloud: License Registration and Management

- ProVisionaire Cloud can be used to verify license* registration to the organization** and confirm activation status as well as device names and serial numbers.

- Two types of activation are available: Permanent and Temporary. While permanent activation activates the device license permanently, a temporary activation can be deactivated at any time to temporarily move the license to a different device in situations where a single license is to be shared by multiple devices for efficient resource management, for example.

*Contact your Yamaha representative for information on obtaining licenses.

Individual License Management for Organizations

Yamaha ProVisionaire Cloud: Individual License Management for Organizations

- Users who have created a Yamaha Music ID for Business account can be registered as members of an “organization,” giving them access to resources owned by that organization. Licenses assigned to an organization can be used by all members of that organization, allowing efficient utilization of resources. Refer to the Device License Activation Guide at the link below for details.

High-level Security

Yamaha ProVisionaire Cloud: High-level Security

- Two-factor authorization for account login.

- Specific users can be authorized to manage organization membership role assignment.

ProVisionaire Cloud

License management service for Yamaha PA systems.

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