XW-CS-700OM Wireless Extension Pack for Yamaha CS-700

XW-CS-700OM Wireless Extension Pack for Yamaha CS-700

This package includes the HD-Dual system, a wireless omnidirectional microphone and the connection cable

  • HD-Dual:
  • Compact, wireless design eliminates clutter and tripping over cables
  • Complete control of audio output, line level, and microphone level
  • 2-Ch, 2 analog I/O base station
  • 1 Charging tray (2-channel)
  • HDTBLMICOM Omnidirectional Tabletop Microphone:
  • Mute Button for muting and pairing
  • LED Display for muting and pairing
  • This pack includes the XW-CS-700 Cable to connect the HD - Dual Receiver to the CS-700

Expand your CS-700 AV|SP

This bundle for the Yamaha CS-700AV and CS-700SP models allows you to extend the reach of microphone pick-up for Yamaha’s Video Sound Bar for huddle rooms. While the audio pick-up of the CS-700 is specifically optimized for people within about a radius of about 3.5m, this set allows you to extend that range.

Thanks to the wireless microphones you are free to use.

This set contains everything you need: The HD - Dual with microphone / microphones and the suitable connection cable for the Yamaha CS-700 AV|SP.

Please select witch bundle fits to your needs

CS-700 AV and CS-700 SP have an optimization for this bundle

In order to achieve the optimum sound even with additional microphones, the CS-700AV and CS-700SP have a setting in the CS-700 setup, where only the characteristics of the microphone need to be adjusted.

Easy to connect

With the included connection cable it is very easy to connect the HD - Dual set to the CS-700.

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