This is a completely new design of 12-inch kick pad. It uses a high quality birch drum shell, and is finished with the same color finishing technology as Yamaha's professional acoustic drums.

The KP128 is a kick pad with excellent feel and low acoustic volume, which uses a 2-ply mesh head made by REMO. The KP128 adopts Yamaha's unique three-layer cushion structure that varies the pad's feel depending on the speed and power of the player.

To achieve this, the softest material is used at the front, with the hardest material at the back. The kick pad always gives the optimum feel, regardless of how it is played.

The 12-inch diameter pad has a distinct presence on stage, whilst retaining its portability. The spurs, which are the same as those used on Yamaha's acoustic drums, are robust and offer a high degree of stability.


Colors / Finishes

12 inch Kick pad with Birch ply shell. 2-ply mesh head with multi layer cushion construction.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.