This is a completely new design of 12-inch snare pad. It uses a high quality birch drum shell, and is finished with the same color finishing technology as Yamaha's professional acoustic drums.

The playing surface is a 2-ply mesh head, made by REMO. It has been specially designed to give a refreshingly accurate playing feel. In addition, the pad is 2-zone, for head and rim triggering, and it can accurately translate rim shots and cross-sticks. The pad uses its three sensors to offer a uniquely accurate precision performance.

The shells are formed and finished at Yamaha's acoustic drum factory, and the lugs and hoops are the same as those used on Yamaha's acoustic drums.

This pad is every bit a beautiful as a Yamaha snare drum.


Colors / Finishes

12 inch Snare pad with Brich ply shell. 2-ply mesh head by REMO. 2-zone.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.